Saturday March 5, 2016

On Saturday March 5th, 2016, the 100th Monkey Foundation LLC presented a check in the amount of $500.00 to MESH, (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless).

Receiving the donation were the Executive Director of MESH, Dr. Parker Ames and former MESH Board member Irene Rottenberg, who now works with Grace Presbyterian Church in Montclair where they hold their outreach. On hand from the Board of Directors of The 100th Monkey Foundation LLC were James Taylor Collins, Douglass Gillespie, Susan Wyatt, James T. Cowan and Jay Mahar.

Douglass Gillespie and James Taylor Collins also entertained the patrons prior to dinner being served with a brief seven song acoustic set. The songs they played were Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Mama Tried, Midnight Moonlight, The Monkey and the Engineer, Jack Straw, Run for the Roses and Ripple. Those assembled were very pleased with the bonus of some live music while they waited for the kitchen to finish dinner preparations.

photos are credited to M. E. Stadtlander and Jay Mahar

Bloomfield, NJ, 07003

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